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Now open in Ponsonby & Grey Lynn with more on the way!

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Posted on Facebook 5 days ago

Look who's providing our Organic Bread to the Volvo Long Lunch....

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Posted on Facebook 2 weeks ago

In case you were ever wondering what happens with our unsold bread, the leftover pastries and sandwiches..... we donate everything to the Auckland City Mission - supporting families and people in need.

Jacinta KerriganGood stuff! I know far too many cafes that throw all there leftovers in the bin.2 weeks ago

Mereana SheehanAwesome! Best thing I've heard all day 👏❤️2 weeks ago

Tony PopeBeen to more than one that just Puts them out again2 weeks ago

Sandra ShillingThat's amazing xx2 weeks ago

Andy CalderGood bread, good peeps, good heart2 weeks ago

Grey Lynn Business AssociationYou have a wonderful community spirit! Love it!1 week ago

Posted on Facebook 2 weeks ago

hothothot.... Hot Cross Buns fresh out of the the oven NOW! Come and get some at Bread & Butter Cafe on Westmoreland Street.

Cherie MoresbyCan 'just' about smell them!2 weeks ago

Romy LimWeisch wie fein! En Guete!2 weeks ago

Posted on Facebook 3 weeks ago


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