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Now open in Ponsonby & Grey Lynn with more on the way!

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Posted on Facebook 2 days ago

From the new menu: crispy squid with a tomato & olive confit & garlic ciabatta... to celebrate this beautiful summers day. May there be many more glorious days like this to come.

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Posted on Facebook 4 days ago

How to bake Croissants at Home Follow these easy six step instructions if you want to surprise your loved ones with the most buttery flaky fresh-out-of-the-oven croissants from Bread & Butter Bakery this Christmas (or any other weekend of the year). Step 1: Buy a six-pack of frozen croissants from Bread & Butter Bakery. Step 2: Take the croissants out of the freezer the night before and place on a tray in the fridge to defrost (at this stage they can sit quite close to each other, if you don't have room for a tray in the fridge, just sit them on a plate, as they don't prove yet). Step 3: Take the croissants out of the fridge in the morning and place them on a greased or baking paper lined tray. Set evenly apart as they will almost triple in size. Step 4: Cover with a grease-sprayed clean plastic bag (greased, so the bag doesn't stick to the croissants) or place in the oven with only the oven light on. Note: Proving will depend on air temperature. It should take around 2-3 hours. If you are defrosting from frozen proving time will likely be around 8 hours. Step 5: Preheat the oven to 210C heat. But drop the temperature to 180C as soon as you put the croissants in. Once the croissants have tripled in volume, gently brush them with eggwash. Step 6: Place the tray of croissants on a middle shelf of the oven and add a handful of icecubes into the bottom tray. These will melt and turn into steam, helping the croissants to increase in volume during the baking. Remember to drop the temperature down to 180C! Bake for appr. 20-25min, or until golden brown, turning the tray around at half time to ensure even baking. Restrain yourself and cool the croissants for 10 min before you rip into them, it will be worth the wait. Enjoy and Merry Christmas.

Leeanne RerekuraOr otherwise put them on a tray leave them in the boiler cupboard til they hve doubled n size take thm out & bake til nice & golden! Mmmmm yummm :)4 days ago

Gayle CoplestoneCan I get a dozen for Christmas Day.4 days ago

Peter NiepelAs an artisan baker I am saddend to see a bakery promoting to heat up frozen dough and call it "baking". Where is the difference to gettng sheets of Edmonds frozen puff pastry, cutting into shape, putting into the oven?4 days ago

Tim Hinchliff@peter niepel. The most obvious difference is that these croissants are made from croissant dough not puff dough. As an "artisan baker" I thought you would understand the difference between the two. I assure you these croissants taste quite different to frozen puff of any kind. You might also notice that this is a set of instructions on how easy it is for people to enjoy very good croissants, fresh and warm, on Christmas morning, when everything is closed. No where does it say "follow these instructions to become a great baker", or this is "how to be a baker" or any other sort of comment. We love baking and we encourage everyone to try and bake things themselves because we think baking is a huge amount of fun. Not everyone has the time or the interest to try and make a croissant themselves but they can still have nice, warm, buttery, croissants on christmas can't they?4 days ago

Lon HuaBaking?? You have got to be joking, there is no skill or technique required at all. I thought this was actually a constructive step by step guide on how to hand craft these french classics. Dissapointing. For the record, to properly make these, you must use large amounts of flattened butter(hardened) and layer by layer stack it with rolled out dough.4 days ago

Leeanne RerekuraThnx Bread & Butter Bakery for ur helpful "six steps instructions" on how to prep these beautiful delights :) I think ur post is most helpful & appreciate the kind thought! :)4 days ago

Hayley-Jane GribbleSad to see haters on such a great post. Keep on being awesome Bread & Butter!3 days ago

Posted on Facebook 5 days ago

Walnut Sourdough and smashed avocado? Best breakfast ever. Walnut bread on special at both stores this week. $6.00 per loaf

Bread & Butter Bakery and CafeSorry, my fault. The price is actually $6.50..5 days ago

Donna Maree StewartYummo5 days ago

Cherie MoresbyWalnut anything...YUM...5 days ago

Posted on Facebook 7 days ago

"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" I've been baking little Christmas cookies with my children at home. Unfortunately they are sooo much work, we wouldn't be able to sell them at the shops, but aren't they cute?

Andy CalderAny of dads efforts in there?5 days ago

Posted on Facebook 1 week ago

Thank you TANK YOU!

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