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Posted on Facebook 6 days ago

Do you ever get the 3 o'clock sugar lows? I am bad like that. All resolutions to stay sugar free go out the window when I just need that coffee and something sweet to keep me going until the end of the day. Today I just can't walk past the Vanilla Cream Crumble. Light fluffy brioche, sweet crumble topping and filled with oh-so vanillary pastry cream....

Lee-Anne fave :)6 days ago

Bronwyn LooYum😋😋😋6 days ago

Posted on Facebook 1 month ago

Thanks Samantha for your post via Spaces NZ. We are so glad you like what we do... Cheers!…

How do you know if you will like something if you have never tried or experienced it before? Well we say that's fair enough and to help you on your way to finding new and favorite little spots to shop, eat or visit this section offers you a small taste of the space!

Katarina WhiteApril Irwin3 weeks ago

Posted on Facebook 2 months ago

Our friends and regular customers Andy and Kristin sent us their son Miller's first bread picture: "Only the best will do for the small master! B and B spelt crust nom nom nom!"

Andy CalderGot less than 50% on his face!2 months ago

Rachel GoulterHaha love it!2 months ago

Hazel SilvaCutie2 months ago

Posted on Facebook 2 months ago

Watching the football world cup final at Britomart Country Club tomorrow ! 7am may the better team win :-)

Tony PopeHopefully watchin somewhere in Plymouth, Massachusetts after leaving Maine today. Game is 4 pm local time2 months ago

Bread & Butter Bakery and CafeThat's a bit better than 7am, although down under we have had some games on at 4am too!2 months ago

Lene SterzikAnd the better team won! :) WOHOOO :) JIPPIIIII2 months ago

Bread & Butter Bakery and CafeHi Lene,2 months ago

Bread & Butter Bakery and Cafeshould have done that, but I didn't want to jinx it and we have a Bastille Day special running at the moment. But thank you for the suggestion, we'll keep it in mind for the next World Cup. Cheers2 months ago