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Now open in Ponsonby & Grey Lynn with more on the way!

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Posted on Facebook 2 weeks ago

Beautiful GF Chocolate & Beetroot Wedding cake and other baked treats by Bread&Butter Bakery

Andy Calderlooks awesome ;)1 week ago

Bread & Butter Bakery and CafeMust have been some amazingly talented person with an eye for detail that did the set-up and presented the cakes and pastries in such a beautiful fashion. Was that maybe your beloved wife Mr. Andy Calder?1 week ago

Andy CalderI think she had a part but there was other parties too eh Peter Wood and sarah Sarah Anne Fletcher?1 week ago

Sarah Anne FletcherShe had the idea's, we were just her hands that made it happen.1 week ago

Posted on Facebook 2 weeks ago

Woof! Latte art by our talented barista Alvin

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